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Alright, this took a while to write, I’ve sourced every single factual claim I make here, and I provide plenty of real world examples to flesh out my point. Those points, specifically, are threefold:

1) There is no actual rape epidemic.

2) Women do lie about rape.

3) False rape accusers are as evil as rapists.

I expect that last one to upset some people — well, the whole thing will — but I’m well beyond the point of caring when my arguments are turned into strawmen, as so often happens.

I think it’s important to have this conversation after the Rolling Stone rape debacle. I don’t get into the specifics of that case in this post because I think it’s all pretty well hashed out. If somehow you aren’t familiar, here’s the two sentence summary: Rolling Stone, without proper sourcing or any attempt to fact check, published a story about a woman’s alleged brutal gang rape by frat brothers at UVA, and ever since then the narrative has been falling apart. People have come forward to contradict the account, and it now seems apparent that all or some of the report was fabricated.

There’s more to it, obviously, but I’m not talking specifically about this case. I’m only bringing it up because this tale of alleged rape on a college campus has yet again sparked another round of feminist handwringing. They insist that women are under attack, there is a rape culture pervading through every aspect of society, and women could never lie about rape, or at least if they do lie about it, the lies are justified.

I think it’s time we cut through the nonsense and have an honest conversation about rape. A really honest conversation. That’s what I’m intending to do here. Please read it before you tell me to go to hell. Thanks:

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