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Look, I’m not ideological when it comes to the government. I’m not an idealist. I take it for what it is, on it’s own terms. I’m a realist. There’s a time to be imaginative, like when you’re making origami or talking about yourself on a first date. And there’s a time to be cold and rational, like when you’re making a budget or performing a maintenance check on a passenger jet. When you’re dealing with the government you need to be in the latter category. I’m sure the repairman working on the plane would love it if he could just forget about fixing the engine and rub some fairy dust on the wings. But the problem is that fairy dust isn’t quite real and so that strategy will end with 176 people incinerated in a fiery inferno. Similarly, I’d like it if the government was a kind and moral omnipotent organism that could cure the world of its ills and heal the malice in the heart of man. But it isn’t. It is force. It is control. It is blind and dumb and clumsy. It can take but it can not give. It can kill but it can not cure. I say this not because I believe it to be true, I say it because it is true. There are enough bodies in the ground to prove it. 

The government doesn’t care about you. Don’t you get that? Why do you think it gives you things? Because you’re special? Because some bureaucrat loves you? Please. They would kill a thousand of you if they needed to. As it happens, it’s easier to buy you off. For now.
So what’s my point? My point is that Obama’s State of the Union speech was bull crap. He sells the fairy dust version of government, but he uses it as they all do — like a buzz saw. Again the man regaled us with fanciful tales of this mythical and imaginary government that can repair the ozone layer, heal the earth, fix the health care system, pay your mortgage, end violence, cure poverty, and cuddle with you at night until you fall asleep. 
Actually, they probably really would do the cuddle part. Especially if you’re an underage Brazilian prostitute.
In any case, it’s time we face reality on reality’s terms. John Lennon said we should close our eyes and “imagine”. I say we should open our eyes and wake up.