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I’ve learned a few things from liberalism, especially the sort of liberalism you find on college campuses. The situation at the University of Missouri only solidifies these two lessons: 1) We all have a right to never encounter offensive opinions or words of any kind, especially if we are members of any racial or sexual minority group. 2) If anyone ever insults us or shares uncomfortable opinions with us, someone should be immediately fired. And the person who gets fired doesn’t have to be the person who said it, necessarily (although they should be fired too, of course).

At the University of Missouri, administrators and professors are losing their livelihoods over a few reports of insulting words being said to a few people. I find this incredibly inspiring. And for that reason, I am now officially demanding the resignation of the CEO of Walmart. You see, another customer recently said mean words to me at a Walmart, which infringed on my rights as a human being, and must result in the resignation of the CEO and many other top ranking Walmart employees. I’ve learned that whoever is in charge of a particular institution should be the first to go whenever someone stands on the premises of that institution and says mean things.

I have other demands. I really need you guys to read this, and I need you to share it, and I need you to join in my campaign for accountability and social justice. You will not believe the victimization I endured. This story will shock you, hurt you, and I’m warning you now: it just might trigger you. But please read it and spread the word. It is the most important thing I’ve ever written. I mean it.

This is my story of heroism in the face of Walmart-endorsed persecution. I’ve had enough. I’m standing up. I call on my fellow social justice warriors to stand beside me. The time is now.‪#‎DougMcMillonMustGo‬:

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