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My new post. I rarely come out and ask you to share something, but for this one I’m going to make that request. Please share.

We don’t have a lot of time, but maybe there’s a chance that we can save a life.

I told you on Friday woman who went on Reddit and posted an ‘open letter’ to her unborn child, explaining why she feels she has to abort it next week (tomorrow). She said she loves the child but she can’t care for it. Of course, the feminists and liberals on Reddit left all kinds of supportive comments, congratulating her on her decision and reassuring her that she won’t regret it.

Well, when I posted the link to the story, hundreds of you came out with more helpful feedback. You mentioned great adoption agencies that could help her make an adoption plan for her child. You told me about charities that can help her with medical bills and other expenses. And many of you even said that you would, in all seriousness, adopt this woman’s baby yourselves.

So I tried for the last few days to figure out a way to contact her and let her know that there is help out there. She doesn’t have to go through with this. She doesn’t have to kill her child. There are other options. But, obviously, being an anonymous internet post, that proved difficult.

Finally, in the eleventh hour, I decided that this is the only way.

Yes, maybe her letter isn’t even real. Maybe this is all some kind of pro-choice stunt. Even so, hopefully this post could be helpful to any woman who is pregnant and considering abortion.

I’m not a counselor or an expert in dealing with crisis pregnancies. I don’t even know if I’m saying the right things here, but I figured I ought to say something. It’s the best I could do. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe not, but I had to try:

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