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My post today is a very important public service announcement. I hope you will share it far and wide — but only if you have some of these ignorant people as Facebook friends (maybe you don’t, although that seems like a mathematical impossibility).

Notice that I am not insulting anyone here. I am merely asking that ignorant people — that is, people who lack the knowledge and information necessary to make an informed decision — refrain from inflicting their obliviousness on the rest of us. Do not vote for the sake of voting. Do not vote simply because ‘it’s your right.’

Who cares?

We drone on and on about how voting is some kind of democratic sacrament, but in fact it is not. There’s nothing admirable or positive about the mere act of voting. It’s only constructive if it’s done for the right reasons, and the right reasons don’t include the desire to feel special, to get an “I voted” sticker, and to convince yourself that you did your part.

And so while the whole country urges everyone to get out to the polls, I will be the only person urging half of the them to go back home. In the end, our Republic can only be saved if the ignorant hordes stop voting, or else start getting engaged beyond Election Day every two years:

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