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I really need you guys to read this. I know you might hear “net neutrality” and immediately think “sounds boring and irrelevant to my life,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I admit I’m biased. I make my living on the internet. The FCC tells us that they need to impose 332 pages worth of regulations in order to make the internet “open and free,” but I’m sitting here as someone who can attest that the Internet WAS ALREADY open and free. How else could I go from posting Facebook statuses to being a full time blogger with opinions that are considered repulsive and offensive to many people? This is the free and open internet. I’ve made my living with it.

Now the government wants to come in to “protect” us. From what? Who in God’s name actually thinks that a massive federal bureaucracy will IMPROVE the internet and make us more free. When has a massive federal bureaucracy ever improved ANYTHING or made ANYTHING more free?

So, look, I take it personally. I admit. I see so many utter fools applauding a government takeover of the internet, I see them accept on face value everything they’re told without even getting a chance to read the regulations, I see them flocking to the protective embrace of the government because they’re scared of the big, bad, evil corporations, and I just can’t possibly contain my disgust. Enough of this stupidity already. It’s killing us. It’s destroying this country. Yes, I take that personally. I take it very personally.

Read this. Understand the issue. Understand what just happened. Share this or share something else that let’s people know what’s going on:

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