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Christians in Egypt, much like Christians in most other Middle Eastern and north African countries, are being slaughtered and persecuted by Muslim militants. Not only is our government not condemning these attacks, but it’s actually giving aid and weaponry to the attackers. So how have we come to this point where our own president is bankrolling a group that is waging war on innocent Christians, you ask? I’ll show you…

How a United States president can help spark the genocide of Christians in Egypt, a step by step guide:

Step 1: Suddenly betray your ally, the secular leader of Egypt, and call for his violent overthrow.

Step 2: Lend your vocal and moral support to a group of Islamic militants your own State department classifies as a terrorist organization, who are now attempting to take over the government.

Step 3: Convince the mindless hoards to embrace the obviously false idea that this fundamentalist rebellion is a “secular” and “democratic” movement.

Step 4: Come up with a catchy name for this brutal uprising — make it something snappy, pleasant, and utterly false. Ah, “Arab Spring”. Wonderful.

Step 5: With the public on your side and the media parroting your insidiously dishonest narrative, begin funneling weapons and cash to the terrorists.

Step 6: Lots of people die. Oh no, the American public might catch on.

Step 7: Don’t worry, the media found one guy somewhere in Cairo with a sign that has the word “Democracy” on it. Public is back on your side.

Step 8: Secular Egyptian regime overthrown. Fundamentalist guerrillas take charge.

Step 9: New ruling class begins to immediately slaughter Christians. Hundreds of thousands are forced to flee their homes. A faith that has existed in that region for two thousand years is pushed to the brink of extinction.

Step 10: Give more cash, weapons and ammo to the Islamists. More Christians die.

Step 11: American public ignores. Sorry, Christians, your persecution just doesn’t fit our social agenda over here.

Step 12: Repeat Step 10 indefinitely.

Christians are being wiped out. Our government is funding and arming the persecutors. And the rest of America sits in silence. This, by far, is the greatest scandal of the Obama Administration. Yet nobody seems to care.