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Well, as the authorities are trying to figure out what happened in Boston at least they can always go back and question that Saudi national, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who was immediately labeled a person of interest after the attack before being unceremoniously cleared of suspicion. After all, it appears that this man shares a last name with a prominent Saudi family with known ties to Al Qaeda. It would make sense to– Wait, what’s that? Oh, he can’t be questioned because he’s being “deported” back to Saudi Arabia for “national security reasons”? And we get word of this right after Obama’s unscheduled meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister yesterday? The same foreign minister who our Secretary of State was supposed to have a photo op with, before canceling it because John Kerry was too “tired”? And all of this coincides with the abrupt postponement of a scheduled FBI press conference yesterday, amidst a flurry of since backtracked reports that a suspect had been arrested?

Hold on a sec, you’re also telling me that this same thing happened after 9-11, when wealthy Saudi nobles were escorted out of the country days after a bunch of Saudis perpetrated the largest terrorist attack on American soil in this nation’s history? And, you say, despite Saudi Arabia’s oppressive regime, and despite its funding and support of international terrorism, and despite the fact that it is the only sovereign nation that can be directly tied to 9-11, our government continues to prostrate itself at the feet of Saudi royalty, with one American president even going so far as to hold hands with their king, and another literally bowing before him?

And now, you claim, the United States and Saudi Arabia have been working together to oust the Syrian government by funneling weapons and cash into the hands of thousands of dangerous militants? So, to sum up, this appears to likely be another attack in America which was coordinated by high ranking Saudis yet our government is tripping over itself to protect the Saudi regime?

Hm. I don’t know, man. If you say so. Anyway, what’s on TV?