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Ted Cruz was booed off the stage last night for defending conservative principles without kissing Trump’s ring. He congratulated Trump and urged voters to go to the polls. Apparently that was not enough. It was not “unifying.”

If we cannot unite around our principles, as conservatives, we are doomed.

I ask you to read my post today all the way to the end so that you can understand what I’m trying to say. Before anyone accuses me of trying to throw the election to Hillary, they need to read and comprehend my message. This is, in my opinion, the most important thing I’ve written about this election.

At this point, I understand why a conservative might drag himself mournfully to the polls to vote for Trump. I also understand why he might not. The only thing I don’t understand is, first of all, voting for Hillary, and second of all, voting for Trump and then attacking any conservative whose conscience wouldn’t allow him to pull the lever. We all must follow our hearts now, and I respect anyone who does that, whether it leads him to Trump or not.

Here’s the point: if we are going to have unity then it must come around our beliefs. Not around the Party. Not around Trump. We have to face the fact that, no matter what happens in November, we will not have a conservative in office. Conservatism will be exiled regardless. This is why we must come together and find unity in our shared belief system.

What troubles me so greatly is not that some conservatives will begrudgingly vote for Trump — that I can understand — but that so many seem to have abandoned their principles for the sake of unifying around a man who doesn’t share them. We cannot do that. Vote how you must, but hold fast to your principles. You will need them now more than ever: