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I was surprised to realize that I’d never written about this subject before. Maybe it’s because I find it tiresome, or maybe because I realize the insincerity of this debate. As I cover in this post, the environmental alarmists don’t actually care about the environment at all. They sermonize about how the world is coming end, but aside from maybe buying a hybrid and eating organic, they don’t act upon that belief in any substantive way. That’s because, at the bottom of it, I think that even they know it’s bogus.

There have been a dozen different environmental apocalypse theories, all promoted by the same people. This latest one — man caused climate change — isn’t necessarily any more valid than when they told us the world was freezing or that we’d all be dead from overpopulation by the year 2000.

Yes, I am skeptical about man caused climate change. Very skeptical. And I have my reasons. Good reasons. But I realize that, when it come down to it, the reasons don’t matter. It’s never about reasons with progressives. This is their religion, this is their faith, this is their dogma. It doesn’t have to be believable, but it must be believed:

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