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I want you to read and share this, but I will warn that it’s disturbing. Our culture of shamelessness and acceptance has created or exacerbated many evils, but few as nauseating as this one.

The guy in the picture below is a 52 year old “transgender” who pretends he is a 6 year old girl. He abandoned his wife and 7 children to go live with his “adopted parents.” Horrifically, there are real children in the house with this pervert. They have been forced to take part in the role play.

Obviously, the children should be removed from the home and all of the adults involved should be committed to a hospital for the criminally insane. But really, this transaged transgender is no different from any other transgender. The two things are completely comparable and it is impossible to reject one while accepting the other.

Meanwhile, as I chronicle in this piece, there have been efforts in recent weeks and months to normalize a wide variety of other perversions. We’ve heard about transabled (people who think they should be disabled), transracialed (people who think they should be a different race), and even “otherkin” (people who think they’re a different species).

And it doesn’t stop there. Movements are growing to bring about the acceptance and tolerance of incestuous couples and pedophiles, too.

Our culture is in a free fall, my friends. And there are many reasons for it, but ultimately it comes back to the removal, first, of absolute truth, and then the eradication of judgment and shame.

It’s that last point I want to concentrate on today. Shame exists for a reason. And when you have a society where everyone thinks they should never feel it, you end up with this. Please read and share:

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