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Democrats got trounced last night, which shows, I think, that people generally reject liberalism when they’re forced to actually endure it in any real sense. But, on the same token, liberal cultural ideas are still winning the day, every day, throughout America, largely because ideas are abstract.

You don’t necessarily have to confront an idea — you just confront whatever version of the idea you find most appealing. That brings us to the recent debate (well, recently re-energized debate) about euthanasia. Here we have millions of people fully on board with the notion that doctors should be able to kill their patients, as long as their patients are very sick or very sad. This is a horrendous, evil, nightmarish idea, but it’s gained traction because it’s been presented in a sleek, sanitized, emotionally manipulative way.

So although, by our standards nowadays, Brittany Maynard’s story is already ‘old news’ (the transition from hot topic to old news takes about 14 hours, on average) I still want to try and get the last word. And the last word is that, despite the cynical, disturbing euthanasia marketing campaign we’ve seen unfold over the last few weeks, assisted-suicide is still a horrible thing and any civilized country should absolutely condemn it and prohibit it, without exception:

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