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Hey did you guys hear about this outrageous situation down in Texas? Apparently a white, southern ex-military conservative Republican went on a murderous rampage and killed three people, including a black guy and a gay man. He wrote a long, rambling, racially tinged manifesto where he attacked Democrats, President Obama, and praised the NRA while lauding Fox News and Christianity. Now he’s hiding out in the woods while thousands of right wingers have taken to the Internet to openly root for this racist, homicidal, cold blooded conservative killer. The media, understandably, has jumped all over the political and racial elements of this crime in an attempt to find out why right wing ideology would drive someone to these heinous lengths.

Oh. Wait. I may have a few of those facts wrong.

Actually the murderer is a liberal west coast black guy from California who went on a rampage where he killed three people, including a woman and a cop. He wrote a long rambling racially paranoid manifesto where he, in fact, praised Obama and other Democrats while attacking the NRA and expressing admiration for MSNBC and CNN. Now he’s hiding in the woods while thousands of left wingers have taken to the Internet to openly root for this racist, left wing, cold blooded liberal killer. Oh and the media has not discussed the racial or political elements at all and they certainly aren’t discussing the violent side effects of liberalism.

OK. Other than that, it’s what I said the first time.

This is insane. If a guy steals a pack of gum from CVS and the police go to his house and find a Pat Buchanan book on the shelf and a crucifix on the wall, we’ll see headlines for weeks about the dangers of right wing extremism. Meanwhile, a dude literally writes a left wing manifesto and then goes out killing people and the man’s ideology isn’t even mentioned by the press? And to make matters worse I have to see a bunch of sniveling retards applaud this scumbag like he’s Batman.

He’s a crackpot, a racist and a coward. He shot a woman in the head. What, murderers of women don’t automatically make it on the villain list anymore? I guess not. But we already knew that, I suppose. Ted Kennedy demonstrated this new dynamic years ago.

We are lost. A guy can quite seriously get away with murder in the court of public opinion as long as the getaway car has an Obama bumper sticker.