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Hey, remember back during the 2012 campaign season when a bunch of Libertarian and Conservative political activist groups claimed that they were being unjustly targeted by the IRS, in an attempt to distract and intimidate them? Yeah, and then remember how all the usual neo-liberal, Statist, leftist government-trusting sheep scoffed and laughed at them, insisting that this was just another one of their crazy right wing conspiracy theories? Remember?

Yeah. About that. Well — damnedest thing — a top official at the IRS, Lois Lerner, just admitted that right wing organizations were, in fact, specifically and specially targeted for audits. The IRS looked for groups with the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in the title, and went after them. Lerner apologized and, of course, pawned the responsibility for this persecution onto some “low level” workers. She also hilariously insisted that the illegal targeting of a certain political ideology, although “inappropriate”, was not “politically motivated”. Then she pulled out a duck and explained that even though it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and actually is a duck, it’s not a duck. And all Obama voters nodded their heads in agreement.

Look, the problem is that our government is so corrupt to its core, to its very essence, that it’s hard to keep up with all the horrible things they’re doing. It’s like when you go to IHOP and there’s 40 different pancake dishes on the menu, so it takes you an hour to decide which one you want. Only, in this case, we’re looking at a menu of hundreds of unconstitutional atrocities, instead of delicious breakfast items, and trying to decide which one to be primarily outraged about today. Well, I don’t know where this one ranks — especially during a week when we’re dealing with a murderous conspiracy and cover up involving the assassination of an American ambassador — but it’s very, very bad. It’s also not shocking in the slightest.

I think it’s time to get serious about dealing with the losers, hacks, thugs, tyrants and self obsessed sociopaths running this nation. If we were a country of truly righteous and fearless people, we’d be cleaning all the drug addicts and petty thieves out of the prisons to make room for all of these worthless crooked bureaucrats. But, at the very least, people need to start losing their jobs. A lot of people. We will never be able to reclaim our government, and thus reclaim any semblance of liberty in this country, until the size and scope of the State is massively and dramatically cut. I mean viciously (metaphorically) hacked into with a (metaphorical) chainsaw. Stop playing their game by asking for “reform” and “oversight” and “hearings” and “discussions”. Enough of that. If Thomas Jefferson were around today and he heard this story about the IRS, his first statement wouldn’t be: “Well, we must find the people in the IRS who are responsible for this and immediately transfer them to another government agency!” No, I think he’d say something more along the lines of: “What in the hell is an IRS?! Why the *^$% does this even exist? We gave you people a free nation and next thing I know you fools have created an entire tax agency with unlimited power, whose expressed responsibility is to monitor your private income and then take whatever percentage of it they want? WE DIDN’T EVEN ALLOW A TAX ON FREAKING TEA! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!” That’s exactly what he would say, or words to that effect.

The point is, the IRS shouldn’t even be a thing that actually exists in the universe. As long as it does, it will be abusive. There’s no way it won’t be abusive. It’s inherently abusive. Its job is to be abusive. So the only solution is for everyone in the IRS to lose their jobs. If you want to be an accountant, go use your powers for good. I see very little moral distinction between someone working for the IRS, and someone working as a money launderer for the mob.

If we’re not willing to start talking in these terms, then why are we even talking? This is a power struggle, and they’re winning. They’ve been winning for decades. And they’ll keep winning, as long as you refuse to get a little radical.