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Petreaus testified today he knew within 24 hours that the assassination of our ambassador was a terrorist attack not a “spontaneous protest”. According to him, references to “Al Qaeda involvement” were mysteriously removed from his report by some unknown individual.

In other words, just more confirmation that the administration is a den of rats and liars. Every single person involved knew with absolute certainty that the attack was a coordinated assault on a strategic target, not some sort of spur of the moment Youtube inspired hissy fit. Even people not involved but who possessed functioning brain cells — like yours truly — knew immediately that mindless mobs of protestors might flip over cars and throw Molotov cocktails but they don’t successfully murder Navy SEAL protected diplomats without some sort of plan in place ahead of time.

Obama gave Jihadist militants arms and ammunition and helped them overthrow the Libyan government and in the aftermath of that disastrously stupid decision our Ambassador was killed. Then our illustrious president organized a cover-up and lied to the American people for convoluted political reasons. There’s no getting around the fact that he lied and he told his people to lie. And more importantly, our ambassador in Libya was safe and protected by the Libyan government until the reckless Warlord Obama stepped in and decided to hand the country over to terrorists for “humanitarian” reasons.

Obama is a liar. That’s not a political statement. He’d still be a liar even if I was a liberal or a Democrat or a Martian from outer space. The fact that he can shoot hoops, has a nice smile, gives out food stamps and says the phrase “middle class” a lot doesn’t change the fact that he’s a despicable conniving crook. The people who support him have shown themselves to be selfish frauds or clueless dopes. Especially considering the fact that Obama has been more of a cowboy in foreign policy than Bush ever was, yet “liberals” have fallen silent, demonstrating once again that they have no principles. Obama has armed terrorists, had foreign leaders murdered, assassinated American citizens, wiped out the 4th amendment and launched over 200 drone attacks on Pakistan, killing hundreds of women and children. And then lied about it. Over and over and over again.

He needs to be exposed, shamed and impeached. He should be run out of office in disgrace. He has the nerve to talk about wanting to “unite” the American people while he stands there with a smirk and lies to our faces. Unite us under the banner of deception and submission? No thanks, Barry. The country can’t come together while it’s being run by a treasonous tyrant.

Step down and exile yourself to an obscure Pacific island, then we can talk about unity.

We need to press our representatives to start impeachment proceedings immediately.