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Barack Obama is not a Christian. I’m not saying that he’s a Muslim, I’m simply saying that he belongs to the same religion as Caligula and many other tyrants of history — the religion of self. He adores himself, he loves his own power, he worships his reflection and makes his blood sacrifices on the altar of self obsession. This is his only faith. Some might say I’m out of line to tell another man that his public professions of faith are fraudulent. I can’t see inside his heart, granted, but I can see the evil he has done and draw my conclusions from there.

How could Obama be a Christian when there hasn’t been a world leader since Herod as interested in killing babies as he? Obama is such a fan of baby murder that he funnels millions of tax dollars to the abortion industry — more than any administration in history — and opposes any effort or any law of any kind that would prohibit any form of abortion or infanticide. How could he be a Christian when he’s so passionate about abortion that he attends Planned Parenthood fundraisers — the first sitting president in history to do so — and actually wishes for God to “bless” the wealthy abortionists in attendance? Between that and Nancy Pelosi calling late term abortion “sacred,” it’s clear that they worship something or someone, but it ain’t Jesus. They are, in fact, Satanists in the truest sense. Satanism is the worship of the self. Satanists don’t necessarily worship Satan, they worship what Satan worships, which is the self.

How could Obama be a Christian when he dedicates so much time and money to subduing and restraining the free expression of the Christian faith? No president before him, no matter how horrible, would have dreamed of doing what this man has done. He has positioned himself above the faith, and above the Constitution, decreeing that he alone may determine who qualifies as “religious” and who, therefore, is granted religious freedom. Think about that. Really think about it. Obama has claimed the power to “grant” religious liberty to those he deems worthy. This is something straight out of the ancient Roman Empire. You don’t have to agree with the Church’s teaching on birth control and abortifacients, but as an American patriot you must speak out against the notion that the adherents to Church doctrine should be required to provide these things, which they find mortally sinful, to the employees of their privately owned institutions. Obama has fabricated a new right — the right to free contraception — and positioned it above and beyond our first right — the right to religious expression. This is not something that a Christian would do. It’s not something that a man of any virtue or integrity would do.

Apologists have told me that Obama isn’t really “persecuting” Christians because he isn’t having them killed, he’s simply taking away some of their rights. Clearly this is the rationale of a henpecked, cowering, empty shell of an American citizen. As a secondary issue, it’s also totally inaccurate. Obama is directly funding the murder, imprisonment and torture of Christians. Let me say that again. Turn down the TV and read this part carefully. Obama is directly funding the murder, imprisonment and torture of Christians. The man is giving money and weaponry to millions of militants, in at least three countries, who have been actively working toward the eradication of the Christian religion in that region of the world. Christians in Egypt have been slaughtered, their churches burned, their villages raided, their women and children rape and killed, all by the Muslim Brotherhood forces that Obama champions. How many of the bullets that have shattered the skulls of Christians in Egypt were fired from guns given to the assailants by this administration, or purchased with the millions of dollars handed to them by our president? Some Christians have been able to escape, fleeing the country they’ve called home for 2,000 years, abandoning their ancestral home after Obama’s puppets chased them away under threat of death. Unfortunately, many of these refugees landed in Libya. There, hundreds have been arrested, AGAIN by Obama funded militants. The situation in Syria is even more dire. Followers of Christ have been the target of widespread destruction and mayhem. Rape, torture, arson, murder, this is the life of a Christian in Syria. This is not just a byproduct of the support and funding given to the persecutors, it is a matter of direct causation. These militants in Egypt, Syria and Libya have made their intentions know — through word and especially deed — yet it hasn’t caused our president to so much as flinch in his allegiance to them. While he goes to Africa to lecture about gay rights, thousands and thousands of Christian men, women and children are being slaughtered by Islamists he sustains with weapons he provides them.

I’ve never met a Christian who would hesitate to loudly and publicly disown the Westboro Baptist Church. I won’t hesitate either. They are vile, hateful, poisonous parasites and they do not, in any way, shape of form, represent the true faith. Of course, it’s easy to say that. It doesn’t take guts to condemn something that everybody despises. It’s like being anti-head lice or opposed to shin splints. I agree with your stance, but there’s no need to dwell on it. Now, there are wolves in the flock who have gained a following. They must be dealt with more urgently than the outcasts and outliers nobody likes or respects. Obama is a wolf. He’s a fake. He is a predator. He is not a Christian. He has positioned himself as an enemy of Christianity. I’m not giving him that label — he earned it. He wants it. He is it.

Barack Obama is not a Christian, and it’s incumbent upon all who are to make this known.