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Under Obama, the black community has had higher unemployment, more poverty, and less income. He has increased the foodstamp rolls exponentially, but foodstamp enrollment is not prosperity. Is this the grand promise he made to black Americans? Is this it? He’ll get them more foodstamps? Their median household income will fall by 10 percent, but at least they’ll have an EBT card —  is that the hope of which he spoke? They’ll have easier access to welfare, but they’ll fall even further behind in education — is that the ‘dream’ of his father? He’ll gut the health care system, creating havoc for many Americans, and in the end the black community would be left as uninsured as they were before — is that the change we were promised?

Obama and Holder are troubled by racism but completely unconcerned about the success and security of their own race. They don’t want black people to be discriminated against, but they aren’t interested in seeing black folks prosper. They don’t care. They don’t care about black people. In fairness, they also don’t care about white people, Asian people, Latino people, Eskimo people, or any other people. If Obama’s former aides are any indication, he just dislikes people in general, with the exception of that one person he sees in the mirror every morning, and again every 12 to 15 minutes, as he likely spends a large portion of his day gazing lustfully at his own smug reflection.

He is, indeed, a textbook narcissist, so it comes as no surprise that a recent speech featured the President of the United States referencing himself nearly 200 times. An amateur feat for a man who even found time to heap praise upon himself while delivering Nelson Mandela’s eulogy. Little wonder that, from other heads of states to White House insiders to everyone in between, there seems to be one overarching consensus about our Commander-in-Chief: he’s a self-centered jerk. Or, as one adviser put it, a ‘dithering’ control freak. Or, as his staffers like to call him behind his back, President ‘Obam-me.’

He wrote his first memoir before he’d even been elected a state senator, and he called himself a ‘symbol’ of America’s hope, and he repeatedly extolled his own courage after Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden, and he became the first sitting president to appear in a Funny or Die YouTube video, all because he has no interest in doing anything that will serve a purpose bigger than his own ego (and oh how big a purpose would have to be in order to fall into that category!). That’s why black people were mistaken when they assumed him to be an ally. He’s nobody’s ally. Just ask Israel.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that Obama ought to pay the black community extra favors, or concentrate primarily on their plight merely because he shares their skin color. I’m saying that progressive policies — from immigration, to abortion, to the economy, to education — always benefit the elitist class at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised. It happens that, in this country, black people are overrepresented in the latter category, so they are particularly abused by the lies and false promises of progressivism.

But maybe I’m being too generous. Obama hasn’t failed the black community and all other communities merely because he’s a progressive (though that hasn’t helped), he’s failed them because he’s a frivolous egomaniac. He doesn’t serve an ideology; he serves himself. That, in the end, is his ideology. It’s his cause. His purpose. His religion.

He fanatically believes in his own superiority, and he’s willing to dedicate every available resource to punishing anyone who questions it. I don’t believe him to be the worst man to ever live — just, potentially, the worst leader ever elected to a major political office in America.

I’d love to see him impeached, but Republicans would need to grow a spine first, and the world has never witnessed a medical miracle such as that. So, as a consolation prize, I’ll settle for a minor awakening amongst the American electorate. In the end, we could claim a small moral victory if only we — black, white, or otherwise — finally come to the realization that politicians who divide, deceive, and manipulate, never do it out of care and concern for the people.

They do it for themselves.

Obama has done all of this for himself.

Himself. Not black people. Not white people. Not the poor. Not the middle class. Himself.

It’s time to wake up and smell the sociopathy.


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