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Oh, hey, no big deal or anything. Don’t worry about this or even question it at all. But, because I’m petty and particular, I can’t help but mention that Obama sent 140 thousand tear gas canisters to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They arrived this past Sunday. And then — in an incident that was totally unrelated, I’m sure — tear gas canisters were used in an attack on a Christian church that very same day.

So, you know, more money being spent to give weapons to murderous militants while the president tells us we don’t have enough room in the budget to give tuition assistance to veterans. YAWN. Lol. Amiright? It’s just, like, the president actively contributing to a genocide. But why should we be outraged about that? I’m sure there’s a Republican somewhere in Nebraska making politically incorrect comments about abortion. Let’s concentrate on that, OK?

Again, this is totally irrelevant and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of it. Why do you think the media is ignoring it? Duh. Come on. It’s just the Commander in Chief of our military funding and arming militant elements in the Middle East. He has assassinated American citizens for doing less, but that’s OK because he’s the president so it’s different.

This is all so boring. You want to be ticked off about something REALLY important? Well I’m sure there’s a fast food restaurant owner out there somewhere disagreeing with gay marriage. Now there’s something to get angry about.