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Christians, If We Hate Hollywood So Much Maybe We Should Actually Stop Watching Its Filth

Last night, the industry gave its top award to a love story about a woman and a fish monster. It also handed an award to “Call Me By Your Name,” a romance about a grown man and a teenage boy. The majority of the nominated films were some combination of idiotic, depraved, and pointless …

Why do we Christians and conservatives, who complain constantly about Hollywood, still give Hollywood so much of our time and money? Without us, the industry couldn’t stay in business. We are the ones who keep it afloat.

Your Pet Is Not A Person And You Shouldn’t Treat It Like One

People are more complicated. They will not lie at your feet. They will not slobber over you. They will not sit there to be rubbed or cuddled as long as you wish. They are not accessories that you can carry around for “emotional support.” Their needs are more complex.

It is work to love them, and it involves an emotional risk. This is all too much for a selfish person so he retreats to the lesser, simpler, self-centered “love” of his cat or his parrot. And, as I’ve found, he’s often pretty straightforward about his selfish motivations.

Christians, Our True Battle Is Spiritual, Not Political

This week I published my book, The Unholy Trinity. The first few lines of the book — particularly the first sentence — have already sparked a fair amount of reaction: The first liberal was named Lucifer. He was an angel. He lived in Heaven millennia ago, before modern...

My new book is on sale NOW

This is the official launch day for my book, The Unholy Trinity. I'd like to say I'm excited about it -- I mean, I am excited -- but I also feel a mixture of more stressful emotions, which I'm told are pretty common for authors. I think that sentence, by the way, is...

Pro-Lifers Aren’t the Ones Being Hypocrites, Tomi

Tomi Lahren and I work for the same company. I’ve been on her show a few times and I always enjoyed the conversation. I don’t really know her because I work from home up in Maryland and she’s down at headquarters in Dallas, but she seems like a nice person and I have no qualms with her personally at all.

You Don’t Get to Lecture about ‘Christian Values’ While You Support Killing Babies

You’d think by now people would know to never believe a single word the Left says about Trump (or about anything) without first verifying. It doesn’t matter what the story is. If they tell you Trump ate pancakes for breakfast, you should just assume he had waffles until evidence proves otherwise. That’s how blatant and pervasive the lying has become.

Our Modern Opinions Are Irrelevant. God’s Word Is Not up for a Vote.

A new study has been released showing that a majority of Americans are in favor of female pastors and priests. Of course, this isn’t at all surprising. It’s been a while since Scripture has enjoyed popular support in this country. There are probably more Americans studying “50 Shades of Grey” every night than the Bible, so you can’t really expect the mass of people to have a biblically literate view of things.

5 Ways Men Should Man up and Lead Their Families

In writing about the “Day Without A Woman” protest earlier, I hit on a particular theme that sparked a fair amount of blow back, even from self-professed longtime readers. I said that the husbands of these left-wing feminist women, who decided to abandon their professional and family duties for the day in order to make some vaguely defined political statement, need to show some leadership in their households.

Parents, Hollywood Wants to Brainwash Your Kids. Don’t Let Them.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Disney has announced that the new “Beauty and the Beast” film will add a subplot that definitely was not in the original. Specifically, one of the male characters will “explore his sexuality” throughout the movie, leading to, as the director describes it, a “delicious payoff” where the character will engage in an “exclusively gay moment.”

Liberal Christians, Why Not Stand up for Your Own Faith for Once?

This past weekend, there were dozens of “I Am Muslim Too” rallies across the country, where people who were not necessarily Muslim still marched with signs saying “I am Muslim” in solidarity with Muslims who, they claim, are being persecuted by Trump’s proposed travel restrictions.

Marriage is Not an ‘Equal Partnership’

Something a little different on the podcast today. Taking a break from politics to discuss a topic closer to home and more relevant to our lives. This is not marriage “advice” — I’m not equipped to be doling advice out — but it is an observation.

Why America is a Dangerous Country for Christians

Our country is very dangerous for Christians. In fact, our country, and western culture as a whole, may be more dangerous for Christians than any other place anywhere in the world, at any time.

Bradley Manning is Still a Traitor. He’s Also Still a Man.

The Democrats have, for several months now, been in a state of convulsive rage over WikiLeaks. They tell us that WikiLeaks is in league with Putin. They tell us that WikiLeaks subverted our system and destabilized the very foundations of our democracy. WikiLeaks stole the election. Sabotage! So on and so forth.

If Your Sex Life is None of My Business, Stop Demanding That I Finance It

A lot of people have been offering their, um, feedback, to a couple of things I tweeted over the past week or so. And when I say “feedback” I mean that an angry mob numbering in the thousands descended upon my social media feeds and email inbox like rabid hyenas, eager to inform me that I’m awful, evil, ugly, fat, old, stupid, [expletive], [expletive], [expletive] [expletive] [expletive], etc., and because of this I should die, my wife should die, my children should die…

Dads, We Can’t Expect Our Sons to Become Real Men If We Don’t Teach Them How

I confess that I don’t usually keep up to speed on the marketing campaigns of make up companies, but a couple of recent ones were hard to miss. First, it was announced that the new Cover Girl would be a person named James Charles, who is indeed not a girl at all. Feeling left out, Maybelline countered by naming Manny Gutierrez as its brand ambassador. Also not a girl. The country braces itself for the day when Tampax joins the fray.

Don’t Flatter Yourself, Meryl Streep. You People Are the Biggest Bullies of All.

When I heard that Meryl Streep had given a speech at the Golden Globes blasting Donald Trump and Trump’s voters, my first thought was: “Oh, that’s on tonight?” And then I thought: “Wait, there were only like three good movies in 2016. How could they even do a whole awards show?” And then I thought: “Anyway, who cares about any of this?”

This Was Not Merely a Hate Crime — It Was Much Worse

This kind of thing isn’t even unique. The white man kidnapped and savagely tortured by a group of racist thugs wasn’t the first to fall victim to a hate crime of this sort in Chicago recently. It was only a few weeks ago that a white Trump supporter was dragged from his truck by a group of black teens and ruthlessly beaten in the middle of the street while a crowd of onlookers egged them on. A pattern is emerging. And it’s getting worse.