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If this make sense to you, you are insane:

Case 1: Our consulate in Libya was under attack. Our ambassador and several other government employees were in grave danger. Eventually, they were brutally murdered in the hours-long siege. Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, didn’t call her man on the ground until 2AM. President Obama didn’t call the Libyan president to coordinate a response, or get more information, until a full 24 hours later.

Case 2: An obscure basketball player announced that he’s sexually attracted to men. President Obama, the leader of the free world, called him, personally, within 12 hours. The White House issued a statement. Political fundraisers with the gay basketball player were promptly coordinated.

So, an athlete comes out of the closet? Immediate mobilization is required! The President is on the case!

An American diplomat is murdered and a consulate is burned to the ground? Eh, we’ll get to it later.