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When will the madness end? The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice will be forcing many of its employees to attend a mandatory reeducation seminar called “Undoing Racism”, hosted by a radical left wing organization run by a crackpot community organizer with ties to Saul Alinsky, the nutjob Marxist zealot.

The “training sessions” teach white people that they’re inherently racist and they live in a country founded on racism and built on racism and their own accomplishments are due to the racism in the “system” and inside their own hearts. Because, you know, you may not wear the pointy white hat but you’ve got a pointy white hat on your soul, man. So come to the baptismal waters of an expensive tax funded indoctrination seminar to be cleansed of your ancestral guilt.

You think I’m exaggerating? I wish. The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond, the group “teaching” the classes, says on their website that “the fabric of racism is inextricably woven and constructed into the founding principles of the United States”. You see that? The very principles this country was founded upon are evil and wrong. AND THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE TEACHING GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES.

The website continues: “Yet, unequivocally, whites continue to fair significantly better than all people of color. In our workshops, we analyze power and how it is used to maintain this racial divide.” Hey, someone tell our black president and Attorney General that ALL whites fair better than ALL blacks. You see, whitie, everything you have achieved is simply the result of systematic oppression. You thought your own hard work and ambition brought you your success? Ha. Silly man. Repent, that you might not suffer damnation for the sins you committed even though you didn’t commit them!

I could go on for pages and deconstruct this ridiculous “inherent white racism” nonsense. I could dissect and destroy the notion that our foundational principles are racist. I could point out how stupid it is to claim you’re trying to “undue” racism by forcing guilt and shame on whites and instilling resentment and suspicion in blacks. I could easily make the observation that these racialist idiots are intentionally dividing us down racial lines and then trying to insist they want unity. I could quite effortlessly explain that racism is not “inherent” but tribalism is, and it is inherent in ALL races and ALL ethnicities because it is a fact of human nature. I could even go on to say that American whites are actually less likely to be tribalistic towards their own race and more likely to direct the tribal urge elsewhere, such as political party affiliations or Comic Con conventions. I could talk about how progressives have worked to destroy the one “tribe” we all SHOULD be tribalistic about — the family. I could assert with full confidence that white people did not invent slavery, but they were the first to abolish it. I could stand up and stare these race baiters in the face and tell them to take their guilt projections somewhere else because I’m not going to be lectured by a washed up Marxist tool. I could ask when they plan on hosting a seminar about all the incredible feats of genius and courage that those of European descent have contributed to civilization.

I could. But that’s all besides the point. The point is that government agencies should not be endorsing doctrines and ideologies. You want separation of Church and State? Fine. But it needs to be ALL churches separated, including the Church of Progressivism. This is dogma through and through and it has no business in government. It’s a warped spirituality that preaches collective guilt and political redemption. It is a perverted gospel and you’re free to believe in it. But keep it the hell out of the government.

How do you think the country would react if the DOJ, rather than shipping people off to left wing reeducation camps, instead sent them to a weekend Christian retreat? Folks wouldn’t be too pleased, I imagine. Well you shouldn’t be pleased about this. In fact you should be pissed. Quite pissed.

This has got to stop. And maybe it will if we yell loud enough. Tell your friends about this. These “Undoing Racism” hacks have done seminars all over the country. I bet they’ve even hosted one for your own local bureaucrats.