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Happy Fourth of July. America is not great. Not anymore. America is a land where babies are murdered, the family is disintegrating, marriage is perverted, and every institution is dominated by nihilists and self-worshiping liberals. That’s America. It has betrayed God, and any true patriot should feel a deep and profound anger, not false confidence in our alleged greatness.

I think it’s time, particularly after this past week, that those on the right stop with the blind, frivolous “optimism” that leads us to constantly proclaim America’s “greatness” no matter how corrupt and sinful our culture has become. There is an arrogance in that declaration that, I assure you, does no please God. I doubt very much that God looks down on our culture and agrees with our assertion that we’re still super great and awesome no matter what.

I really want you to read this post to the end. I consider it one of the more important messages I’ve tried to convey. I’m often accused of not being “hopeful” enough in my writing, but there is hope here. Great hope. And if you don’t see it in this one, you didn’t read it carefully enough. If you don’t see the patriotism, you didn’t read it at all.

Yes, it’s almost the Fourth of July, and yes I have chosen this occasion to write a harsh criticism of this country. That’s because, for me, these patriotic holidays are becoming more reflective than they are celebratory. I feel like a divorcee on his wedding anniversary. I’m thinking about what once was, rather than rejoicing over what currently is.

So what I want to offer here is a sober assessment of our current state, a look at what is probably ahead, and then a few ideas about where our real hope lies, and how real greatness can be reclaimed. This might in fact be the most hopeful thing I’ve ever written. But you have to read it to understand why:

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