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We are now getting more information about Adam Lanza. Of course all of the information – merely incidentally, I’m sure – seems to vindicate the government’s three main theses: 1) Guns are evil and people who own them are dangerous. 2) Kids should be psychologically profiled and medicated based on their “lack of social skills”. 3) Young males who play video games are all mass killers in training. Well, geez, I guess that means we really do need more gun control, more pharmaceutical medication and more censorship. Case closed. Alright, folks, just leave your freedom and your cognitive capabilities here with Uncle Sam and move along. [Starts swinging a pocket watch] You’re safe now. Everything will be fine. You’re safe. Safe. Safe… Safe… The president will protect you… Protect you… Protect you…

Yes it appears, from the reports, that Lanza’s mom had a significant stash of weapons including swords and other scary pointy objects; Lanza didn’t “get out much” and had no friends; and he loved to play Call of Duty. I’m sure it’s also a totally unplanned coincidence that right as we got the news about the arsenal at the Lanza home, Obama was giving another speech about gun control.

OK, I don’t mean to be difficult, but I have a few problems with all of this:

1. Who cares how many weapons his mom owned? Are we supposed to believe that there’s some sort of correlation between the amount of guns one owns and the amount of innocent people one slaughters? I don’t think such a correlation exists, with one exception:

2. Government. Now, governments own a lot of weapons and they can’t seem to stop killing people for even an hour or two. But I think that has less to do with the weapons themselves and more to do with the morally bankrupt psychopaths running things. In fact, no matter how many awful mass shootings are perpetrated by private citizens, they will never be able to kill as many innocents as governments have in just the last 100 years alone. And that, in case you haven’t been keeping up, is why people don’t want to give up their guns at the behest of politicians. Disarming at the government’s command is like accepting a ride home from a man in a blood stained clown suit, driving a white cargo van. Neither is advisable, and for the same reason.

2. So we’ve learned about Lanza’s guns and his social habits and his video game collection, now, if you’ll forgive me for prying, WHAT ABOUT THE MEDICATIONS HE WAS TAKING? How is it that the toxicology reports weren’t released? Why are we hearing about the newspaper clippings in the filing cabinet but we’re not hearing a damn thing about the pill bottles in the medicine cabinet? The ONE undeniably relevant piece of information is being kept from us. The kid was likely on some sort of pharmaceutical hallucinogen when he murdered 26 people. There are DEFINITIVE links between violence and psychotropic medications yet that’s the single piece of the puzzle that hasn’t been discussed or divulged. So I guess we’ll continue to drug our kids until they’re a bunch of disassociative sociopaths, thereby perpetuating the problem in an attempt to solve it.