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Dear Hateful Liberal Mob,

Sorry for the redundancy. I mean, is there any OTHER type of mob anymore? You are the collectivists, the disciples of mass media, the vacuous drones lacking in principles or sound morals, causing you to overcompensate in these sorts of situations. You are the mob, even when you’re not out looting storefronts and throwing rocks.

Forgive me, Hateful Liberal Mob, but I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m angry. I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of you, specifically. I want to get away from this Zimmerman case and discuss something else. Anything else. Let’s talk about puppies or cartoons or sandwiches, I don’t know. Something. Anything. But you won’t allow that, will you? You’ve latched onto this unfortunate event like a moldy barnacle, and you won’t let go. That’s why I can’t let go, either. You’re hoping to shout so loud and make so many empty threats that the reasonable folks, like myself, who believe in truth and REAL justice, will just give up and slink timidly away into the silent cold night. Sorry, not going to happen. Not this time. Not with me. You’re wrong, you’re disgraceful, you’re hypocritical and fraudulent, and I won’t stop reminding you of that fact.

In the past few days, as I’ve articulated my thoughtful and fact based perspective on the Zimmerman verdict, you’ve attempted to punish my deviation from the Approved Opinion Spectrum by sending me hundreds and hundreds of vile, vulgar, and demeaning messages and emails. You’ve pledged to have me fired from my job so that my children will go hungry. You’ve tried to shutdown my Facebook page and blog. You’ve tried to threaten me into silence. All because I think a man shouldn’t go to prison if the government can’t prove that he’s actually guilty of a crime. And while you attempt to punish dissent and scare people into conformity, you have the audacity to claim that you desire “justice.” Sorry, nobody buys that. I don’t think you even believe yourselves. You have exposed your true intent. You crave a target for your depraved aggression, that’s it and that’s all.

My experience with you has been downright civil compared to others who have become the focus of your hysteria. Everyone directly associated with the defense’s side (otherwise known as the side with the evidence and the facts) has been forced into hiding. Even Zimmerman’s parents — his elderly father and his old Hispanic mother — have been inundated with death threats. What can I say about people who would terrorize an elderly couple because their son was found not guilty in a court of law? Cowards? Fools? Despicable weaklings? None of these terms fully encapsulate the true depth of your moral perversion. This is to say nothing of Zimmerman himself, who will live the rest of his days in fear for his life, much to your sickening glee. His attorneys have been the subject of many volumes of explicit death threats, but I’m sure they expected that going in.

You had an opportunity, Hateful Liberal Mob, to regain some semblance of dignity last night, when Juror B37 gave an anonymous interview with Anderson Cooper. I watched the segment. I saw a fearful woman — broken, distraught, sincere. She tearfully explained the jury’s thought process and how they came to their infamous decision. I watched and my heart broke for this lady. You, on the other hand, watched with spite and vindictiveness, eager to find a reason to add this innocent woman to your enemies list. Minutes after the interview aired, Juror B37 was on the list, she was a public enemy, a pariah, another of your many victims. People flocked to the internet to cut her down and attack her. Some of you have been insisting that her identity be exposed. I guess it would make you feel better if someone put a bullet in her head and burned down her house with her family still inside, wouldn’t it? And why? Because she listened to the evidence and came to the same decision that any impartial person would? Because she said she felt sorry for Martin AND Zimmerman? Gasp! Her empathy extends to more than just the one Media Approved individual! The horror!

Guess what? I feel sorry for Zimmerman, too. He was attacked, he defended himself, and now his life is destroyed by the likes of vile tyrants such as yourselves. Did it ever occur to you that maybe this woman sat and actually listened to the FACTS and the EVIDENCE insulated from the overwrought manipulation of you, the Hateful Liberal Mob, and so her perspective is more honest, more fact based, and more reflective of the reality of the situation than yours? You could take this opportunity to listen to Juror B37 and LEARN and GROW, but instead you call her horrible names and spit on her because she committed the crime of saying things that fall outside of your shallow, one sided, fabricated view of the issue. Yes, she said she wanted to write a book. I guess you’ve since put an end to that by threatening the purported publisher. Good for you. Real champion for truth and the American Way, you are. Hey, by the way, did you know that dozens of jurors in high profile murder cases have written books? Where was the outrage then? And don’t act like you’re offended that someone would “profit off of the trial.” First, when you take to the streets and burn flags and beat up innocent Hispanic bystanders, you don’t get to pretend to be offended by anything, and you certainly don’t get to lecture about “poor taste.” Second, cable news profited from the trial. Al Sharpton profits. Millions have been made from this spectacle, and mainly by liberals.

Hollywood made movies about September 11th. Did you protest that bit of shameless profiteering, or do you hold the death of Trayvon Martin in greater reverence than America’s worst national tragedy? Get a grip already. It’s a sad case. It’s not an atrocity of historic proportions.

You say this juror was clearly “biased.” Of course, you’re lying. You’re not mad that she was biased — you’re mad that she wasn’t. She simply evaluated the situation impartially and came to a pragmatic and reasonable conclusion. That’s why you hate her. You are Insanity Personified. You are the culmination of a decades long effort in the media and academia to turn generations of Americans into mush brained, gullible, spiteful fools.

But it’s not just your hate, your attacks and your violence that I abhor. You’ve done something far more destructive than any of that. You’ve turned people like Rachel Jeantel and Trayvon Martin into heroes. You’ve made Martin into a martyr and Jeantel into a “voice for her community.” Rachel Jeantel is embraced as a symbol for the black community, while guys like Ben Carson, a revolutionary pediatric neurosurgeon, and Bill Cosby, an American icon and insightful social commentator, are ostracized and rejected. Worse yet, this is a ploy largely orchestrated by the white liberal media. This is the most insidious sort of racism. The racism of a white elite who elevates a woman like Rachel Jeantel, while tearing down the Ben Carsons and Clarence Thomases of the world. I have no problem with Ms. Jeantel, but she is not the sort of person your child should aspire to be. She’s a pitiable figure, and to pretend otherwise is simply absurd, and maybe even sinister.

Trayvon Martin is dead and that is a sad thing. It’s not any sadder or more tragic than the hundreds of people who die in the cities every day. It’s certainly not as tragic as atrocities like Sandy Hook, despite what some blabbering imbecile on MSNBC might say. But it is sad, nonetheless. It is not, however, a reason to hoist Martin up to sainthood status. Obama said we should “honor” him. Honor? To honor someone is to hold them in high esteem and respect; to glorify them. We do that with war heroes. We do that with Dr. King. If you do that with Martin, you do it to the detriment of your children. He’s not a symbol, he’s not a role model, he’s not anyone that any kid should emulate.

I think you know that. But you’re the Hateful Liberal Mob, so you don’t care. You’re out to destroy, not to build. For that reason, I’ll oppose you every step of the way. You don’t scare me. You’ll never fool me. You won’t silence me.

Until next time,