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Please pay attention to this.

The government is currently collecting the phone records of all Verizon customers. All customers. Every day. Again: Under the Obama Administration, the NSA is indiscriminately seizing the call records of every American who happens to be on a Verizon plan. Any pretense of constitutionality or necessity has been abandoned, and it’s been this way for a long time. When will people get the picture? We’ve been coaxed into hiding and cowering for fear of the dreaded terrorists who “want to destroy our freedoms,” meanwhile the government has ruthlessly trampled on and dismantled every last one of our liberties, completely transforming our nation into a centrally controlled oligarchy whose powers are completely unlimited and unrestrained. Worst of all, they did all of this to the sound of applause, as millions bought into the notion that we needed to burn the Bill of Rights and piss on its ashes so that we’d be safe from the scary monsters that lurk in caves and huts in deserts abroad.

This isn’t a simple “partisan” thing. Big Brother is a tool for the ruling class, no matter their party designation. We are under the thumb of a ruthless and oppressive oligarchy and many of its most powerful members are not elected and are not subject to the democratic process. This is by design. For many decades, Americans, generally speaking, failed in their duty to be vigilant and watchful of government. During that time, the powers that be expanded the State to the point where it can now complete its primary functions — control and theft — regardless of what happens at the ballot box.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t know where to go from here. I just know that we have to first come to terms with the reality of the situation. The reality that freedom is now an illusion and tyranny is real. You have to decide if you’re OK with that or not. Don’t answer quickly. I think, honestly, a lot of people are OK with it. As long as the tyranny stays comfortable, they’ll be fine with the new arrangement. And I do think it will stay comfortable as long as you don’t cause trouble, and as long as you keep your opinions to yourself, stay out of the way, and don’t think too much or speak too loudly. Sure, people will have to die, but you’ll be safe as long as you submit and obey and follow the established order. In this tyranny you can still have your air conditioning and your pills and your TV and your Burger King. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that our government will only be truly tyrannical when it resembles regimes in North Korea or Iran. This, of course, is absurd. Our tyranny doesn’t look like that because our tyrants want us to be fat, numb and distracted. But don’t kid yourself: We are under the rule of the largest and most powerful government in the history of the world. It doesn’t care about your “rights.” It intends to eradicate your freedoms, and that’s exactly what it has done.