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Simone Biles is now a world famous American Olympian and, according to people who know a lot more about the subject than I do, perhaps the greatest gymnast of all time. Her story is incredible and inspiring. All the more inspiring when you consider how fortunate she was to even be born at all.

Simone’s mother was a poor, black drug addict. She was not prepared to be a mother. She was exactly the kind of woman Planned Parenthood preys upon. Exactly the kind of mother the abortion industry makes its millions by manipulating and exploiting. And Simone Biles was exactly the kind of baby Planned Parenthood specifically dedicates itself to exterminating. The fact is this: Planned Parenthood has centered its entire business around murdering children like Simone Biles. Her mother rejected the lies of the abortion industry and chose life instead, thank God, and now look at what her daughter has done with that gift. Look at what a person can do if they escape the bloody grasp of Planned Parenthood.

How many of the millions of other poor black children executed by Planned Parenthood could have gone on to conquer the world like Simone? All human beings have incredible potential. Planned Parenthood snuffs out that potential and tosses its victims in a dumpster. But when that potential is protected and preserved, just look at what happens: