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It’s probably not breaking news that I am, and have been publicly since July, a proud member of the Never Trump club. I would say I’m perhaps a founding member considering the club was so small back then, but that’s a discussion for another day.

As a member of this club, one of the accusations I hear all the time is that I will be responsible for “electing Hillary” if I don’t vote for Trump in the general election (should he win the nomination). I find this claim so absurd that it’s barely worth addressing, but because I hear it so often, I decided to dedicate a post to it.

Here’s the short and sweet version: if Hillary becomes president, it won’t be my fault for not voting Trump, it will be the fault of Trump supporters for nominating such an abysmally terribly candidate in the first place.

Trump fans don’t get to foist this ridiculous buffoon on us and then blame us when he loses. It doesn’t work that way. Sorry. No. If you vote to place Trump in the general election, the inevitable landslide defeat, and the 8 year reign of Queen Hillary, will be on your shoulders.

Here’s why: