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Guys, don’t blame me for the title. I’m merely repeating what’s being implicitly AND EXPLICITLY said by progressives. The point was driven home this week by an incident in Seattle where a man, taking advantage of the state’s new “transgender” bathroom ordinance, walked into the girl’s locker room at a swimming pool right when young girls were getting changed for swim class. Upon being confronted by management, the man said the law protected him. And he was right.

Progressives told us this wouldn’t happen, but of course it happened within weeks of the law being passed in the state. After all, the law is specifically designed to allow men into the women’s bathroom. Sure, it only wants men who think they’re women in the women’s bathroom, but a man is a man is a man all the same.

I think, as we discuss in my piece today, there are two lessons we learn from this story. You’ll have to read it for the first lesson, but the second — and this isn’t really news — is that progressives frankly don’t give a crap about the safety of women and kids. In fact, I quote one liberal writer in my article explaining — and these are her words — that women “WILL JUST HAVE TO DEAL” with dangerous men invading their privacy and security in public restrooms. They’ll “just have to deal” so that “transgenders” are not made to feel uncomfortable.

Incredible. Nothing matters to these people but the agenda. Everything else is a distant second place: