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Les Miserables Taught Me How to Hate Again

Last night I went to a showing of Les Miserables. And when I say “went to” I mean “hogtied and dragged at gun point by my wife, her sister and her mom”. By the looks of many of the other … Continue reading

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And so it ends…

Well, my friends, here we are at the end of all things. If these are our last moments let it be a joyous finale. Joyous, that is, until we are all consumed and incinerated by a hellish fireball from outer … Continue reading

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A National Conversation About Mental Illness

I know it’s popular to say nowadays that we need to have a “national conversation” about mental health in light of the Sandy Hook shooting. As I’ve said a few times now, this guy wasn’t crazy or diseased — he … Continue reading

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They Are Not on Your Side

I shudder at the depth of lunacy and depravity a person has reached when they start to believe a politician is “on their side”. Look, I’m not saying we all have to be fast learners. I’m not one myself in … Continue reading

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Studies Show That Studies Can Show Anything, According to New Study

“Researchers” have found that quitting junk food “produces symptoms similar to drug withdrawal.” So next time you meet a heroin addict make sure to swap horror stories. Him with his account of vomiting all over himself and slumping onto the … Continue reading

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Gun Control: A Nonsensical Concept

Look, I approach the “gun control” discussion from a logical perspective, not a partisan one. I don’t care about politics. I am loyal to no party. I dislike almost every politician I’ve seen, met or heard from, with a few … Continue reading

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The Place Where We Don’t Have To Wait For “Somebody”

I want to share with you part of an email my Dad wrote to me this afternoon, talking of course about the shooting on Friday and offering his own ideas about how to fight the evil that causes these things: … Continue reading

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The Politicization of the Newtown Shooting

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Lord, Heal Us

This is a day when I hate my job. I don’t want to go on the air and talk about 26 people being killed at an elementary school. I don’t want to talk about 18 children being slaughtered by a … Continue reading

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ESPN: “Is RG3 Black Enough?”

Another sports analyst has decided to enlighten us with his penetrating social commentary. This time it’s Rob Parker over at ESPN. This scholarly sage opined in profound fashion about Robert Griffin III, saying the following: “He’s not really down with … Continue reading

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